RSI Fundamentals – Beginning To Advanced

RSI Fundamentals – Beginning To Advanced

This Book will cover everything about RSI and how to interpret it in trading.

In Chapter 1 RSI Beginnings, you will learn who developed the RSI, you will discover the RSI Indicator, what an indicator does and how it can be the center point of any trading system. You will learn some of the pitfalls of RSI and the advantages that will
create an “edge” that will help you succeed.
Chapter 2 What is an Indicator, you will learn more about indicators; the difference between a leading and lagging indicator and why it matters. You will also learn about the inputs for the RSI, the best time frames and the beginning concepts of overbought and oversold.

Chapter 3 Setting Up the RSI, is how to set up the RSI on your chart. You will learn how to place the inputs you discovered in Chapter 2, download a demo and the best way to view the indicator on your charts when you are trading.

Chapter 4 Misconceptions of RSI, we go into depth on the misunderstanding of overbought and oversold. We discuss the ranges or RSI and what has been called the Range Shift. We will look at this concept and determine its value in trading RSI and RSI Reversals.

Chapter 5 Range and Range Shift, is an analysis of the concept of RSI ranges and shifts, and a 14 point summary of the trading principles so far discovered.

Chapter 6 and 7 Defining Positive Divergences and
Defining Negative Divergences
which goes into depth on what a divergence is and what happens to price when they occur and how you can be fooled.

Chapter 8 and 9 Defining Positive Reversals and
Negative Reversals.
These chapters look at locating each signal and all the critical calculations that are required to properly enter, exit and target your trade as well as knowing before you trade the Reward and Risk Ratio. Each chapter ends with a summary of
each signal.
Chapter 10 Examples, consists of examples where you can
see how and where trades were taken. We will look at successes and failures. These will include manual examples and examples using The RSI Paint Indicator.

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