Moving Average Simplified- By Clif Droke

Moving Average Simplified- By Clif Droke

 Moving averages have long been used by investors and traders as an aid to analyzing price trends. Moving averages have the attribute of being able to smooth price fluctuations, making it easier to follow underlying trends with the naked eye.
Used in conjunction with other technical indicators, or even with other averages, reliable tool for beating the market a fair percentage of the time — once you know how to use them properly.
A growing number of traders are becoming aware of the tremendous profit potential that comes with integrating moving averages with a favored trading system. Books have already been written to teach the profitable application of moving averages in trading the markets, yet most fall short of this goal.
One reason for this failing is that a basic working knowledge of moving averages is already common among countless thousands of traders. As any good trader knows, once a particular trading system becomes the common knowledge of the vast multitudes, it tends to lose its utility and reliability.

Chapter 1
The Essence of Moving Averages:
What Every Successful Trader Should Know

Chapter 2
The Benefits of Using Moving Averages:
Spotting Trend Changes and Trading Signals

Chapter 3
Trading With Single Moving Averages:
A Simple Strategy That Works

Chapter 4
Trading With Two Moving Averages:
What They Are and How to Use Them for High Impact Results

Chapter 5
Using Moving Averages to Identify Price Cycles:
An Important Tool to Discover Profitable Entry Points

Chapter 6
Principle of Threeness and Fourness:
How Price Cycle Repetition Creates Opportunities for Traders

Chapter 7
Using Moving Averages to Identify Support and Resistance Levels:
A Key Tool to Capture Tops and Bottom


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